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Deck Builders Greenville SC

We want to welcome you to Deck Builders Greenville SC. Here we work with all types of decking material. We also do repairs as well as complete remodels.

Are you unsure of the layout you want for your new deck? If you choose to work with us, you are choosing to get the best layout possible.

About Deck Builders Greenville SC

Our Greenville deck builders are very aware of what people look for when searching "deck builders near me". We love up to our amazing reputation. As your deck contractors Greenville SC, it is our mission to fulfill each need of our customers.

With well-built decks Greenville SC, you can get so much more out of your deck. With the decking Greenville SC you like and the right friends and family, you will have many more memorable nights than you can count.

By working hand in hand with our deck builders, you get to take charge of the design and layout you want. Do you have a budget stopping you from building what you really want?

Our deck installers Greenville can split the project up. By doing this you can get what you want while staying within your budget. This can even include using us as your pool deck builders or your "porch builders near me".

The way in which you have your "deck builders in my area" build your deck is crucial. If done right it can create a very functional and convenient area in your home. We understand that your decking area will be some of the most used areas in your home. This is why we put such high importance on getting it done correctly and beautifully.

Why Choose Us?

Why are you wanting a new deck? It may be because you:

  1. Would like an improved lifestyle
  2. Would like to host outdoor parties with somewhere nice to eat and sit
  3. Would like to improve the value of your home by adding to the curb appeal
  4. Would like to extend your living space

There are many reasons why you may be wanting to get a new deck. You may only need a repair done to your deck that is already there. We can do that as well. We have years of experience in repairs, remodels, and newly built decks.

Here are some reasons why you want to choose to work with us:

  1. We put our customers needs first
  2. We have the license, bonding, and insurance we need
  3. We give you the pros and cons of each type of material
  4. We can do everything from repairs to remodels

You do not need to be sick of calling around to different companies to get bid after bid. Let us be your first and last call. We will give you a free bid, follow up on appointments, and get you the deck you dream of.

You may also fill out our form here today to book an appointment.

What To Expect

What does it look like when you schedule an appointment? Let us tell you what that will look like. We get to know your style, your wants, needs, and budget. We get to know what will work for your home and your yard.

We want you to have the ability to host in your backyard with comfort and ease. This means that we must understand the features and materials that are very important to you. We get to know what is at the top of your list.

greenville deck installers

We come out and measure the space that you want for your deck. We walk through with you and decide what materials you want to use and draw up a design. We have you approve of the design and the bid.

If you have questions or concerns we love for you to ask and voice these. This is the way that we will best be able to make sure that you understand the cost and details of the bid.

Once we get going on your deck it should move rather fast and smoothly. We make sure to keep a clean work environment and walk through it with you upon completion. We make sure you love your deck before we mark your job complete.

Our Services

The services we offer cover every end of the spectrum. We are able to do repairs on the decks that may have cracking or other unsafe measures. We offer different types of materials to meet your needs for what you want your deck to look and feel like. We can install every type of feature for your desires.

greenville deck contractor deck railings

Deck Railings

Deck railings come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. We offer railings in cable, steel, PVC, wood, aluminum, and many more. We can curve them to the design of your deck, install the railing vertical or horizontal. There are many options when it comes to railings. The main factor is to make sure it is to code and will keep you and your loved ones safe. We know just how to do this.

greenville deck building

Composite Decking Greenville SC

Most composite decking comes with great warranties. They are very low maintenance decks. This is why so many people install composite decking. They come in many colors and can look much like real wood without the up-keep. They are a little more on the budget but last for many years.

greenville wood decks

Wood Decking

Wood decking brings a very timeless look and sturdy feel to your outdoors all while saving on the pennies. It is a more affordable way to build a new or replace an old deck.

While it looks like and is less expensive it will experience wear and tear, unlike another decking. It will need to have a treatment done every couple of years to make sure you do not experience chipping, cracking, or splitting.

greenville decking

Custom Deck Building

What do we mean by a custom deck? What we mean is lights throughout the deck, seating and posts where you want them, and many more. With a custom deck, you can add anything you want including stairs. You name it and we can put it into the design.

greenville deck staining greenville deck painting

Deck Staining Greenville SC And Painting

This is a great way to give your deck a new facelift without spending a fortune on a brand new deck. While at times that is necessary if you have a nice deck but it needs a little upkeep we can re-stain or paint it for you. This also gives you many options for colors.

greenville deck repair

Deck Repair Greenville SC

Your deck may have gone without its yearly maintenance and may be suffering the effects of that now. This means you may experience splinters, or have a creek or hole in an area. We can fix all these problems and more.

Fill out our form below and you will receive your professional free estimate quickly.

About Greenville SC

Greenville SC is full of museums, art, and parks. The population is around 70,500 people. The racial makeup being, 65% White, 25% Black or African American, 3% Hispanic.

We experience all four seasons here in Greenville with winter being short. We have a river running through our city.

We have many venues for concerts and theaters for plays. We have a zoo, and parks all around with Falls Park On The Reedy being one of the most popular.

The Liberty Bridge is at this park. It is very unique in the way it was built.

Our surrounding cities are:

  • Greer, SC
  • Mauldin, SC
  • Simpsonville, SC
  • Taylors, SC
  • Fountain Inn, SC
  • Piedmont, SC
  • Lyman, SC
  • Duncan, SC
  • Pelzer, SC
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know before building composite decking Greenville SC?

One thing you will want to check with the deck companies around is how much it costs for composite decking. Your budget is the main key factor you want to look at before building. Composite decks can be more pricey and you want to make sure it fits within your budget.

How do I make sure to find the best deck contractors near me to work with?

One great way to find good deck contractors is to ask around to neighbors, friends, and family. You want to make sure that the Greenville deck builders you choose have experience in the area. Having experience in the area will assure they have the knowledge of what the weather does for wear on the deck.

What will it cost for deck construction near me?

The deck construction you want to have will vary. You are going to want to give your local deck builders a call. They will let you know what the price differences will be. This will vary based on what materials and layout you are looking at getting.

Is composite decking very slippery?

This used to be the case. With the way that companies have made composite decking these days, they have grooves in them which cause great traction. With great traction on the composite deck, you are not risking your safety due to a slippery deck.

Must I get permits for our deck building project?

That is the great part about hiring “deck installers near me”. We take care of getting the permits we need for your deck project. Most “deck companies near me” that you will find will take care of the permits for you. By doing this, we ensure we get the proper permits we need to have for the job.

Customer Testimonials

"Our deck is everything we wanted and more. We got all the features we wanted at a great price. They worked with our budget very well."

Tessa M.

"These builders do the best job at explaining everything you need to know. From your color of decking and all other options you have. We were not sure about what type of style we want to do for our deck at first. After seeing the many options they showed us it was easy to choose."

Edward K.

"Our deck was not done in a hurry or in a lazy manner. It was done very professionally by very professional men. We appreciated the communication and the materials they used."

Genna T.

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Are you looking for a team of experienced professionals that know how to give you the best deck possible? That is what you will find working with our installers. We have the options you need and fit them within your budget.

We have years worth of experience. We are up to date on our knowledge of the new and improved systems and materials. We listen to what you like and need before coming up with a plan.

Call us today at Deck Builders Greenville SC. We will come out as soon as possible for a free consultation with you for your new deck.

Deck Builders Greenville SC

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